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Yoga for Kids

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Yoga for kids teaches techniques for self-health, relaxation and most important, inner fulfilment

The Benefits of teaching yoga for kids

If you're a parent then you know full well that kids can and do experience stress on the regular. We live in a fast-paced society, and in this "hurry-up" world, kids can often feel the stress of daily life. More so, parents unintentionally pass on their own stressful feelings, which can result in unwanted behavioural issues from the children.

How does yoga help kids?

Because our children live in this "hurry up" world of busy and stressed parents, along with the pressures that come from school and competitive sports, everyday life can have a profound effect of our children’s lives. Yoga for kids can help counter these pressures. Through yoga, kids too can reap the benefits adults do. Yoga for kids teaches techniques for self-health, relaxation and most important, inner fulfilment.

Yoga for kids can help them navigate life's challenges with a little more ease. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and provides a physical activity that is non-competitive. Kids learn to foster cooperation and compassion instead of the constant state of opposition most live in today.

Yoga for kids also provides a different perspective to body awareness. They can discover how truly special they are and become more confident with themselves and especially their body's. We all know and experienced for ourselves the immense pressure from the media and Hollywood about maintaining the perfect outward appearance. This is negative in every way and body or fat shamming can leave kids scarred for life.

Yoga for kids provides enormous benefits besides on an emotional level. Physically, yoga enhances their flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and concentration. Your kids will enjoy a sense of calmness and relaxation that will improve their young lives dramatically. In many cases, grades will improve and you will notice your children start to connect with others more deeply while respecting the natural world around them.

Yoga for Kids – Benefiting the physical and the mental

Yoga for children offers many possibilities that include laying the foundation for a lifelong practice that will only continue to deepen while they grow. Besides yoga being used to combat stress in a kid’s life, yoga can also help anxious kids battle stress. Anxious children in many ways suffer from more stress mentality, not knowing what to do or how to act in many situations.

A study at Harvard Medical School showed yoga was a beneficial tool supporting adolescent mental health. Adolescent psychiatrists say there has been a major increase in stress-related conditions in children’s lives just over the past decade. This has resulted in very little coping skills because kids have to deal with a lot more social issue today more than ever before. Kids face more pressures today to succeed academically than every before.

Both adults and children in today’s society internalize stress, which results in health issues especially for the children. This includes insomnia, stomach aches, headaches and mood swings. We must remember that children’s brains are different and in a state of growth. The part of their brain, for example, that is responsible for regulating emotions and processing all of the things necessary for managing stress are still developing.

Yoga for kids, can help them connect with their bodies and recognize when they’re anxious. When children are practising any kind of mind-body activity, they’re noticing how their mind is affecting their body, and how their body is affecting their mind.

Above all else, yoga for kids causes absolutely no harm and in fact yoga can ease muscle tension and improve circulation in joints that can get stiff from sitting in school or in front of the computer or television. Yoga for kids is a powerful tool and can boost your children’s overall well-being.

At Holistic Life Marbella, our yoga for kid’s programme is very popular and our techniques ease your kids into the yoga life. For more information about our yoga for kid’s classes, contact us today about a personalised appointment.

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